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Boys Lacrosse Information

The Spring 2003 boys lacrosse season begins on Wednesday March 19, 2003 and ends on June 7-8 with our attendance at the Greensboro Youth Lacrosse Festival. 

Practices/scrimmages are held each Wednesday night at the SunCom Indoor Soccer Center ( in Asheville from 7 PM to 8:30 PM during the initial part of our season (March 19 - April 23).  We then hold practices outdoors at the same time (location of practices to be determined).

We have a program serving middle school age boys and a program serving high school age boys.  This is a full contact program following rules and regulations as set forth by the NCAA. 

Instruction will be provided by volunteer players from the Asheville Lacrosse Club.  Parents will volunteer to act as team coaches.

Players will be required to either purchase or rent equipment (8 sets of rental equipment are available).  To purchase your own gear visit the only store in Asheville, NC selling lacrosse gear:  Play It Again Sports (phone 828-235-6543) - - or - - purchase your gear from Bacharach Lacrosse .  If you purchase from Bacharach tell them you are with the Asheville Youth Lacrosse program to get the set of gear we recommend purchasing.  Expect to pay approximately $200 for your gear.

All players will be required to become members of US Lacrosse (  Cost is $18 for those under the age of 15 and $32 if you're 15 and over. 

This program is completely volunteer driven.  If you are a parent and would like to volunteer your time and energy to help improve this program please contact Tom Heck (

All members of the youth lacrosse community are urged to sign up on our youth lacrosse list serve.  When you sign up you'll receive notices about practices, games, etc.  To sign up, send a blank email to the following address:

Click here for the Parent's Guide to the Sport of Boys' Lacrosse.

Girls Lacrosse Information

This is a new program as of October 2002.  The very first organizational meeting will be held at the SunCom Indoor Soccer Center (for directions call 828-255-7774) on Thursday October 9, 2002 at 5:30 pm.

The goal is to start practicing at the SunCom indoor soccer center during the winter months (October – March) and then move outside in the spring.  The actual practice and scrimmage schedule is yet to be determined.  Schedule updates will be sent via email through the email group (see below to subscribe).

If you are a high school age girl in the Western North Carolina region and you want to play girls lacrosse please email Tom Heck ( for more information.

Anyone interested in staying up to date on all girls lacrosse happenings should subscribe to our email group.  To do this, simply send a blank email to:

Volunteer coaches are needed to help make this program fly.  If you would like to volunteer as a girls lacrosse coach please contact Tom Heck (  Please note that all volunteers must sign the Code of Conduct (see below).

Learn the rules of girls (women’s) lacrosse at

Learn about women’s lacrosse in the Southeast (at the collegiate level) at - - lots of great photos!

The purpose of the youth lacrosse program is to:

  1. Have fun.

  2. Learn and practice "life skills" such as teamwork, leadership, patience and understanding.

  3. Learn about the game of lacrosse and learn the basic skills necessary to play the game.

We support the approach to coaching youth sports presented by The Positive Coaching Alliance.

Please review the following documents:
Liability Release

Code of Conduct


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