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The Asheville Lacrosse Club invites new members to join our team. We are looking for experienced and inexperienced players. We currently have a wide range of ability on the team - everything from an all-American D-3 to someone who is still learning the rules of the game. If you don't have equipment we can loan you what you need because of the Asheville Chamber of Commerce and their sponsorship of the site selection program..

Though our team is made up of mostly men who are beyond college age (25-45 year olds) we have had many college students play with the team, including students from UNC-Asheville, Mars Hill College, Warren Wilson College, Montreat College, and Western Carolina University. Full time college students receive a discount for membership (a discount on dues).

All members must sign a release form.

It is our intention to attract and keep players who are great people. If you love the sport of lacrosse or are just getting started we would love for you to join us. However, this team is not for everyone and the following information can help you decide if the Asheville Lacrosse Club is for you.

This team IS for you if…

  • You accept and welcome new players/people (regardless of their skill level) and when possible, you help others on the team develop their skills.

  • You understand the necessity of and are willing to work towards making our team a "family friendly" environment (a place where friends, wives, children, girlfriends feel comfortable and welcomed at practice, games, gatherings, etc.).

  • You understand that "who" a person is more valuable than "what" a person can or cannot do. We would much rather have a beginner who is willing to learn and plays with heart than an advanced player who is obnoxious.

  • You take consistent action that results in our team being respected by the community (Asheville community and Lacrosse community). The respect we earn is a result of how we "show up" - - this means the literal sense (we show up when we say we will) AND (again) "who" we are as individuals and collectively as a team. What I’m saying here is that you act out of integrity.

  • You can laugh at yourself and exhibit humility (you don't suffer from "big head" syndrome) and you keep your ego in check - - or you are working on making this a reality.

This team is NOT for you if...

  • You focus on winning at the expense of relationships.

  • You whine and complain.

  • You resist volunteering.

  • You lack patience.

If you want more information about our team, or have questions about what you have read, please contact Tom Heck or phone (828) 665-0303.

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